Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Zech!

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Today's a Good Day!

Zech is doing great today! Yesterday was another story...horrible day! But, as they say, don't live in the past! Today is awesome!! I went to the RMH and ate and got a nice hot shower, Zech went to the playroom at the hospital, now we are both just sitting and relaxing (like we could do much I'm thankful the nurses actually got to see him smile! I was worried he wouldn't get happy at all here. Macey had got him a "doctors" kit before we came here. Last night Zech starting checking all the nurses hearts when they would check his....way too sweet!! This is day 5 of 7 (with no food or water). He actually might get to eat or drink on Thursday (lightly anyways) it will just depend on how well he's healed. I think he will at least get clear liquids. Praying.
My dad and Aunt continue to do well. Tom left Sunday night, don't know if he'll get a chance to come back while we are here. He's had so many breakdowns with his truck, he needs to keep working while he can. He was here for the surgery, that's what matters most!
Oh, I don't know how many of you have Skype, but its the greatest thing to stay in touch with people. Up live and personal!
Well, think I'll go for a little walk while Zech is happy.
Until next time..........

Urban Goes Country: My Valentine...#links

Urban Goes Country: My Valentine...#links

Friday, February 5, 2010

Surgery went well

Friday night, 11:27 pm. Finally he's sleeping, hopefully for more than 20 minutes. Both surgeries went well yesterday. Today was day one of seven with no food or water (he's getting sugar water and b12 in his IV). Zech was in recovery for about 5 hrs., they had trouble getting his heart rate and O2 levels stable. Oxygen still keeps dropping, so he is on oxygen...just laying on the bed beside him. He's a little...okay a lot...grumpy. I really don't think he's in major pain, I think its being tired and not being able to drink water. He LOVES his water! He'll handle not eating better than not drinking. Anyways, we'll be here the 7 days, then not sure how long after they start feeding him. Probably another 3. We will then go to RMH and stay to see how he does, and finally our last (prayfully) appointment will be on the 18th.
So much going on! The day we admitted Zech here, my dad was put in the hospital in TN. He's home now and doing better. My Aunt is in Texas getting some treatments for cancer (I hate that word!)
Tom is here with me until Sunday, its been nice to be able to have a couple breaks, not to mention having him here when I had my emotional breakdown yesterday!
Well, I will update as much as possible, I guess I'm going to try to get some sleep while Zech is.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Off to Cincinnati...Again!

Tomorrow we leave for Cincinnati. We will be there until the 20th. Zech will be having surgery on Thursday. We will be glad when its over, but I am totally dreading this trip! I hate the thought of him having to have a major surgery...and be sedated...and all the other things one would worry about. Prayers are appreciated! I'm attaching some long over due pictures. Hope you enjoy!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Belated Happy New Year

Oh my, how time just flies! Happy New Year!! This year I hope everyone laughs louder, smiles wider, stands taller,hugs longer, dances crazier, lives grander and loves louder!! Thats my mission this year! So many people, so many problems, "except by the grace of God, there goest I"! How I love my family and all I know...and even people I don't know but have been blessed by their lives via blogging!
We are currently in Michigan, at my Grandmother's. My Aunt, 54, was given a diagnosis of Extended lung cancer. This is just what the doctor's say, God knows better! I fully believe in the power of prayer and what God has put on this earth for our medicine!! Joni is fighting this full force and is a beautiful, strong, spectacular person! She also has a strong, beautiful family that is fighting along with her!
February 4th Zech will have his first surgery. A repair of his anal atresia. The prognosis is: FULLY functional! Yeah!! It will take 3-6 months after, knowing Zech, I think it will be closer the the 3 month mark! He's such a little trooper. Zech is talking a lot more and a lot clearer. He is starting to read. I will stop by his school this week to get some basic reading books that they start them on. He hasn't been to school since the end of November, but has learned quite a bit.
Macey and Megan are staying very busy with work, school, and planning Macey's wedding. All is on track!
God Bless!!